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Water Lily Table Scarf Embroidery Kit


Also considered an exceptional beginner project, the Water Lily Table Scarf Embroidery Kit is worked in the satin stitch, stem stitch, long and short stitch, French knots, and will introduce you to padded satin stitch. Kit comes with nearly everything you need to complete this table scarf including: linen with marked design, pearl cotton thread, detailed photo-illustrated instructions, and a chenille needle. You will need a small hoop (4 to 8 inches) and embroidery scissors. Hand embroidered table scarf finishing: 141/2" by 48". The embroidery kit will arrive with an unfinished hem that can be completed by you with either a straight hem, decorative stem stitch hem or hand drawn hem stitch (I have a video on YouTube on completing a hem stitch). 

Custom kit lengths available at an additional $1.00 per inch. Request additional length at check out; allow 10 days for custom kits to ship.











Design specifics: Distance between each motif is 23.25 inches; with a design drop of 13" and an overall measurement of 14.5 " by 48 ". Increasing the length of a table scarf is easy. Note the distance between motifs; in this case 23.25 inches. If you need a longer table scarf the additional length would be added within in center area . For example, if you would like the scarf for a 4-foot (48-inch) table with the design dropping down the sides, then you would take your table measurement (48 inches) and the design drop (13 inches times 2) add these two together ( 74 inches), then subtract 48 inches (the original scarf length) , and arrive at a total additional length of 26 inches. As a kit, the length can be increased for .50 cents per inch. In our sample the additional costs would be $13.00 (26" x .50). As a finished scarf the cost is $1 per inch, and would be an additional $26.00 (26" x $1) in our example. Specify any additional length at check out in the "notes" section, we will adjust the total charge and notify you of the costs.

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