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Return of the Swallows Embroidery Kit

The Return of the Swallows table round embroidery kit takes the simple stitch (satin stitch) and builds from there.  The simple stitch makes up a lot of the design, but once it is mastered, subtle changes to it (e.g., thread placed under needle head) result in big visual changes. A beginner will do fine with this project with the most effort applied to the long & short stitch which is only worked on the bird's head. Advanced stitchers will enjoy employing the optional long & short buttonhole stitch and freeform stitching in the bird's body. 

Although the swallow bird is blue, the majority of this color selection is a neutral steel blue (grayed) with only "true" blues occurring for two skeins.  Should blue not be your color, these threads can be switched out for greens instead. The kit comes complete with linen and marked design and includes silk and cotton threads. It finishes at an approximate 24-inch (note that this is a kit and the edging is unfinished to allow for a variety of finishing options). The design is worked in a variety of stitches including the satin stitch, fishbone stitch, buttonhole stitch, long & short stitch, stem stitch, raised stem stitch, back stitch, French knots.  The use of metallic ribbon floss in the wings of the dragonfly creates a natural realistic appeal for this sweet creature. 

This design is worked on my Aurora Flax linen (a lighter natural linen with a cream color appearance.  Swatches are available upon request.

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