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Dragonfly, Eucalyptus & Other Things

The Dragonfly, the Eucalyptus & Other Things table round embroidery kit is a feast for the fiber lover!!! A wonderful tactile bouquet of different material to try and work wth will whole your interest till the end! And the best thing...all these materials were also used in period Arts & Craft textiles. Simple stitches will allow the beginner to have a go at this project with the more advance stitcher will enjoy all the details and working with different materials. Kit comes complete with linen and marked design and includes silk, wool, chenille, metallic and cotton threads. It finishes at an approximate 20-inch diameter (note that this is a kit and the edging like the embroidery is unflinished allowing for a variety of finishing options). The design is worked in a variety of stitches including the satin stitch, chain stitch, seed stitch, stem stitch, couching stitch, back stitch, French knots and turkey stitch.

The use of metallic ribbon floss in the wings of the dragonfly creates a natural realistic appeal for this sweet creature.


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