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Water Lily Table Scarf

Hand embroidered table scarf finishing 143/4" by 46". Design is slightly smaller than pillow design (by about one inch all around). Worked in pearl cotton threads (thread is rope-like with a twist), using the satin, padded satin, stem, long and short stitches and French knots.

Design specifics: Distance between each motif is 24 inches; with a 12" drop (top of motif to the bottom of the hem) and the finished table scarf measurement of 143/4" by 46". Increasing the length of a table scarf is easy. Note the distance between motifs; in this case 24 inches. If you need a longer table scarf the additional length would be added to this area . For example, if you would like the scarf for a 4-foot (48-inch) table with the design dropping down the sides, then you would take your table measurement (48 inches) and the design drop (12 inches times 2) add these two together ( 72 inches), then subtract 72 inches from the original scarf length of 46" , and arrive at a total additional length of 26. As a kit, the length can be increased for .50 cents per inch. In our sample the additional costs would be $13.00 (26" x .50). As a finished scarf the cost is $1 per inch, and would be an additional $26.00 (26" x $1) in our example. Specify any additional length at check out in the "notes" section, we will adjust the total charge and notify you of the costs. Allow 4 to 6 weeks delivery.

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