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Owl Brothers

The "Owl Brothers" design was inspired by the wonderfully strange and whimsical pottery of the Martin Brothers.  They created some of the most unique bird tobacco jars, in which the birds take on sinister and oddly human expression.  This design provokes the same feel but in a textile form.  Created here on a large 24" finish pillow (with side gussets the pillow actually takes up about 19 inches of space), the owls are appliqued with couching stitches worked in tones of brown and tan. The eyes are worked in satin stitch with highlights created with white french knots. The bud flowers in each corner are worked in long and short stitches in a muted plum with sage green leaves and bark brown stems. What owl design would be complete without a moon? The crescent moon shapes are worked in the buttonhole stitch in pale gold.  This design can also be worked on a table scarf, across the bottom, in the corner or along the sides of a curtain, and within the center of a bedspread. Please inquire if you are interested in these different options.

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